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Iron Leaf Bronze Pendant Necklace, by Julie Cohn


Julie Cohn uses old-world jewelry casting techniques to create modern artifacts. Each piece has been hand carved in wax by the designer and finished by hand in Dallas, Texas. The collection is ancient, yet modern in style, juxtaposing semi precious stones and fine metals with rough organic shapes. Designs cast in Ancient Bronze are sealed to maintain their luster.

Inspired by the intricate Otomi embroideries of Oaxaca, Mexico, this dramatically long bronze pendant reveals the hand of the artist with its hand-forged texture and dainty beetle cast from sterling silver. Pendant is 6" on a 26 inch oxidized sterling chain.

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Julie Cohn_IRON_LEAF_CROPPED_1512x.jpg
Julie Cohn_SMODEL_IRON_LEAF_1512x.jpg