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Le Corbusier's Modular Rule


The architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret better known as Le Corbusier, invented the “Modulor Rule,” for himself. The result of years of frustration with the metric system, which he thought lacked a human context, was his Modular system, a combination of human proportions, the golden ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence. The general idea is that a structure built for human habitation should start with the proportions of the humans themselves.

This facsimile edition of the tape measure Corb made and carried in his pocket in a metal film canister features the red and-blue Modulor system on one side of a flexible tape, and imperial and metric markings on the other. This handsome object has a fascinating history and is the perfect gift for the desk of any architect, designer, modernism fan, mathematician, woodworker, seamstress, or anyone interested in measuring.

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