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Groovie Math and Patterning Blocks


This is a wonderful set of wooden blocks, and their nontoxic, colored embossing (on four sides!) is not merely decorative. Grooves on two sides make it easy to interlock the blocks (1.5 inches each). Eighteen of the blocks are numbered (two sets of 0 to 9). On the reverse side of each numbered block is an embossed group of the same number of shapes. But each set is different. For example, a 3-by-3-inch grid of nine green squares--all the same size--are on the back of one of the "9" blocks. On the other "9" block is solar-system-like arrangement of nine different-size circles. So the concept of number can be appreciated--visually and by feel--independent of size. The nonembossed sides are vividly painted patterns that can be used for matching shapes and, in combination, for creating larger shapes. A useful sheet of suggested play activities is included.

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Groovie blocks.jpeg
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